Italian Liberation Day at the Santa Lucia Cultural Center

published on 21/04/2022

Sunday 24 April at 5.00 pm, at the "Centro Santa Lucia" in Meta, inauguration of the ANPI section of the National Partisans of Italy association.

Speakers will be the President Tobia Cafiero, the ANPI provincial president Ciro Raia, the mayor Giuseppe Tito, the deputy chief Nicola Donadio, Angela Aiello, Beniamino Cuomo, and Marialaura Gargiulo.

Poetic interventions by Ambrogio Coppola.

Monday 25 April at 7.45 pm presentation of Forum Theater, Story and Prayer in memory of Hans and Sophie School and the White Rose Collective ... Germany 1943. Curated by Mimmo Bencivenga.