“Terra delle Sirene”

The Pro Loco of Meta in the Sorrentine Peninsula

The Pro Loco “Terra delle Sirene” of Meta is much more than a simple cultural and non-profit tourist association: it is the beating heart of the promotion and enhancement of the historical, artistic, cultural, environmental, and gastronomic heritage of the territory in which it operates.

Regularly registered and certified by the Region, the Provincial Tourism Board, and UNPLI (National Union of Italian Pro Loco Associations), for over twenty years, this organization has worked tirelessly to make known and appreciated the beauties and traditions of Meta, preserving local culture and traditions, and improving the quality of life for all its inhabitants.

With the organization of cultural events, tourist events, guided tours, excursions, shows, exhibitions, and many other activities, the Pro Loco "Terra delle Sirene" is committed to creating a network of contacts and resources that allows for effective and competitive tourist services, in close collaboration with other associations, tourist operators, and the local administration.

But that's not all: the Pro Loco "Terra delle Sirene" is also committed to supporting local economic activities, such as commercial and craft activities, typical agricultural and food productions of the area, thus favoring the maintenance and development of economic activities in the territory.

In short, the Pro Loco “Terra delle Sirene” of Meta wants to be a dynamic, innovative, and highly motivated organization, representing a real treasure for the local community and for all those who visit this wonderful territory.


Board of Directors

  • Luigi Russo: President
  • Valeria Ferraro: Vice President
  • Angela Russo: Treasurer
  • Mariano Russo: Secretary
  • Pietro Cannavacciuolo: Director of Hotel and Non-Hotel Accommodation Tourism Sector
  • Roberto Navarone e Pasquale Scuotto: Directors of Commerce
  • Riccardo Propoli: Director of Culture and Handicrafts

Our commitment to promoting the tourism and cultural beauties of our country never wanes, and we wish to continue doing so in the future. To achieve our goals, we seek recognition from local entities and associations, which is essential to ensure that our efforts produce the desired results in the coming years. We are determined to persevere in our task, and we will do our best to bring our country to the attention of an ever-wider audience.

Public Funding Report

A seguito il file in formato.doc contenente la rendicontazione dei contributi pubblici ricevuti dalla Pro Loco “Terra delle Sirene” (pursuant to Law 124 of 2017).

Public Funding Report 2021