Minibus to the beach of Meta

Shuttle Service Schedule

On this page are reported the schedules of the shuttles available to reach the bathing establishments of Meta.

For easier reading of these tables, we invite you to rotate your device by 90 degrees.

 Trinità (Piano di Sorrento)8:4510:00-13:3016:2518:00
 P.zza Cota (Piano di Sorrento)8:5510:1011:2013:40--
 P.zza V. Veneto - Mulino (Meta)9:0510:2011:3013:50--
 Via G. Marconi - Posta (Meta)9:1510:3011:4014:00--
 Spiagge 1 *9:2510:4011:5014:10--
 Spiagge 2 *9:3510:5012:0014:2016:5518:25
 Spiagge 2 **9:4511:0012:1015:3017:0018:30
 Spiagge 1 *--12:2015:4017:1018:40
 Via G. Marconi - Posta (Meta)--12:3015:5017:2018:50
 P.zza V. Veneto - Mulino (Meta)--12:4016:0017:3019:00
 P.zza Cota (Piano di Sorrento)-11:1512:5016:1017:4019:10
 Trinità (Piano di Sorrento)-----19:20

* Beach establishments Spiagge 1: “La Conca”, “Alimuri”, “Golden Beach”.
** Beach establishments Spiagge 2: “Resegone”, “Meta Mare”, “Marinella”.