Panorama di Meta da Piano di Sorrento

Villa Massa Limoneto

Via Tommaso Astarita, 34 - 80062 Meta (NA)

Map Villa Massa

The Villa Massa's lemon grove “Le Grottelle”

The Lemon of Sorrento PGI and the Limoncello.

Meta is the home of the precious Lemon of Sorrento (European PGI recognition).

In accordance with tradition, the family Massa never missed the opportunity to offer guests a tasting of its own Limoncello, the liqueur made of the best fruits from the family lemon grove.

An ancient garden with a breathtaking view.

Only few meters far from the Meta city center we find the ancient garden “Le Grottelle”, taking its name from an ancient alley that was, in the past, the only connection between Sorrento and the inland.

With more than 200 lemon trees the plot has been developed in terraces and enjoys a magnificent view of the plain of Sorrento and the gulf of Naples.

Villa Massa's commitment brought back the old shine of this garden, today open to visits upon booking.

Beautiful sun and also the relaxation area in a magical setting among eighteenth-century fountains.
At 300 meters there are the two best equipped establishments of the Sorrento Peninsula and will be entitled to a discount of 30% .

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