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Open letter following the recent news on Meta

«The sexual violence towards a British woman that took place in a tourist accomodation in Meta brings me huge dismay, firstly as a person and secondly as a businessman»: Mr. Costanzo Iaccarino, president of the Surrentine Peninsula Federalberghi, comments on the arrest of five among employees and ex-employees of a hotel, accused of drugging and raping an English woman in October, 2016.

«The Surrentine Peninsula has been tied to British tourists for decades – Mr. Iaccarino continues – If we report 30 percent of clients returning to the tourist accomodations here, it’s thanks to the thousands of British and US tourists that have chosen our land as their holiday destination»: an affection that, according to the Federalberghi President, is a result of the «hosting culture, consolidated from the Grand Tour era to our days, that will certainly not be questioned because of the abhorrent behaviour of the five men investigated by the D.A. ».

«Hoping that the judicial system carries out its investigation – Mr. Iaccarino says – I can’t but stigmatize the fact that some press has hurried to irresponsibly associate this sad happening to the Panorama Palace Hotel that, conversely, is completely unconnected to the situation: therefore I appeal to the professionalty and sensibility of all media so that, inside the proper practice of the right of news reporting, the good name of entrepreneurs and tourist accomodations that are not associated with the Torre Annunziata D.A. inquiry are not unfairly dishonored».

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