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Restaurants and Pizzerias

  • A' Tavern 'e Pullecenella

    Via A. Cosenza, 56/58 (+39) 081 1918 9457

  • Alimuri

    Via A. Cosenza, 155 (+39) 081 532 1830

  • Antonietta

    Via S. Lucia, 1 (+39) 081 532 1600

  • Covent Garden

    Via del Salvatore, 8 (+39) 081 534 2188

  • Giosuè a Mare

    Via A. Caruso, 2 (+39) 081 878 6685

  • Il Verricello

    II° Traversa Alimuri (+39) 333 368 8566

  • La Briciola

    Via Caracciolo, 189 (+39) 091 808 8499

  • La Conca di Alimuri

    III° Traversa Alimuri, 128 (+39) 081 532 1495

  • Ninuccio Crocchè Gigante

    Via Casa Iaccarino, 31 (+39) 081 532 1436

  • Ristobar Insieme

    Via Angelo Cosenza, 145 (+39)081 532 1225 (+39) 393 655 6388

  • Tico-Tico

    Via A. Caruso, 3 (+39) 081 878 6865

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Fine Dining in Meta di Sorrento

Pastiera sorrentina e bicchinotto

From  Maundy Thursday to the end of Lent, from the closed convents to the kitchens of every home, the “pastiera” (an Italian Easter cake)  is prepared and the rooms are filled with the pleasant scent of its ingredients such as the orange blossom which gives it flavour mixed with a type of cottage cheese, wheat and candied fruit, cinnamon, eggs and sugar.  One must also taste the “bicchinotto”, an ancient recipe of sweet pastry stuffed with cherries also adapted by the people from Meta with almond pastry and custard sprinkled with icing sugar, which was offered to King Ferdinando  IV and his wife Maria Carolina on September 16th, 1783 when they came to Meta to honour the “Madonna di Santa Maria del Lauro”.

Aubergines with chocolate

The nuns from Meta  were especially  good at preparing desserts with a unique skill that was passed on to the local women who  took these desserts to the old people’s home in the feast days carrying them on hand-painted ceramic plates.  The cakes were in high demand because of the authenticity of the product and its special taste due, in many cases, to the recipes received from the Spanish convents that were influenced by the influx of  oriental spices.  Therefore special recipes were often kept secret such as that of aubergines stuffed with sponge cake crumbs, chopped almonds and soaked in rum, and then sprinkled with a thick cream made ​​of milk, starch, sugar and cocoa.

Lemon of Sorrento PGI, and the Limoncello

Meta is the home of the precious Lemon of Sorrento. Also known as the Ovale of Sorrento it is the typical variety, rich in essential oils, that has been cultivated in the Sorrentine peninsula since many centuries.
In order to protect its uniqueness, the Lemon of Sorrento got the European PGI recognition.
The limoncello of Sorrento gained its popularity thanks to this extraordinary raw material.

Pro Loco Meta
“Terra delle Sirene”

Via Flavio Gioia, 1 - Meta - (Na)